De Plata Distillery
Steeped in Heritage

Tequila was born in Mexico as the result of the syncretism of the two cultures that were the origin of our people: the indigenous and the Spanish. Pre-Hispanic inhabitants were familiar with the plant and its crops. The Spaniards arriving to our region brought distillation and aging techniques with them that have been perfected over time. The unification of both cultures gave fruit with the creation of a distillate that combines the magic of the indigenous with the strength of the conquerors… TEQUILA.

1943: Cesar Garcia Fernandez founded DePlata distillery after emigrating from Spain.

1945: DePlata distillery has always been famous for its smooth cask aged Tequila since 1943.

The De Plata distillery was founded in Guadalajara in 1943 by Mr. Cesar Garcia Fernandez. One of the few remaining Mexican family owned Tequila distilleries left in Mexico, it is the oldest distillery of its kind in Guadalajara, and still run to this day by the Garcia family.

1946: From the very beginning Cesar Garcia Fernandez was determined to control all aspects of their craft distilleries production. From owning their own Blue weber AGAVE Farms right through to the final Tequila delivery.

1950: Each Agave Pena can weigh up to 50Kgs in weight before being cut in half.

With a great tequila-making tradition that has been perpetuated by Manuel Garcia, the company currently manufactures one of the best quality and most traditional tequilas in Jalisco, the only place in the world where authentic tequila is made.

1954: The Agave is then slow cooked in a brick oven for 24 hours. The exact same process that we have used since 1943.

1969: The 100% Blue Agave is harvested by hand on our own AGAVE farms in the Red Clay Jalisco Highlands of Guadalajara, Mexico, in  the Zapotlanejo, Atotonilco, Tepa, & Arandas regions.